Thursday, April 27, 2006

Staging & Getting Your Home FOR tips!

Hello, sorry for the absence while I was moving from downtown Bellevue to Kirkland. I'll still be farming Bellevue, plus I'm a sponsor for Clyde Hill's Annual celebration this Summer! I'm just adding a new Kirkland address to my marketing efforts!

I wanted to pass along some great staging tips to you Sellers out there.

BEST CLEANER - Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser, these are fantastic for cleanup & boy, do they every shine

BEST CARPET CLEANER - without chemicals! Stanley Steemer

BEST PAINT COLOR FOR CLEAN UP - Sherwin Williams "Yellow Flicker"'s not yellow, it's a good basic bisque color that is light & neutral. NEVER experiment with bold accent colors when you are getting ready to sell!

BEST WEED KILLER - plain old white vinegar, don't dilute

BEST WAY TO GET MOLD, MOSS OF ROOF & DECK - again, plain white vinegar!


BEST PLACE TO RENT ART - go around back of Seattle Art Museum, they have an office where you can rent art from NW artists.

BEST PLACE TO FIND STAGING ACCESSORIES - Store called "Tuesday Mornings"...great items & cheap!

BEST STORAGE CO. - Call PODS, they bring the container to your home! You fill, they take to storage!

BEST NURSERY - "Big Trees" in Snohomish, they deliver, plant & guarantee their plants.

BEST ODOR ELIMINATOR - at QFC, "Traveler's Pure Aire". If they are out, they will order it.

BEST WAY TO 'GREEN" YOUR GRASS - Scott's 9-3-4 Turf Builder

BEST WAY TO BRING NATURE INSIDE - any blooming potted bulbs! Easy care. Trader Joe's also has inexpensive potted orchids that only need a little water each week.

Other tips:

- Target has a great rug section.
- Clorox Bleach pens will erast tile grout
- Get an Ikea catalog...order over the phone, they will deliver, set up for you
- realtors showing your home will not bother to turn on lamps. You need good lighting to show off your place. Get 40 watt bulbs and keep your lamps on.
- Remove ANY DEAD PLANTS (inside & out), bad Feng Shui!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Excuse the delay_Been moving!

Sorry for late posting, folks. I've been moving the past few days, and over this weekend. It's reminding me to be most helpful to my clients going through the same stress. They deserve it

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Now THIS photo IS worth a thousand words!


Photo by Nick Gunderson WOW! Okay this room is slightly grander than my little photo below, but you get my drift.

Using a professional photographer is a Number One item when you list your home. It's worth the expense!  Posted by Picasa

A picture really is worth a thousand words!


This is an example from my own photo file of a listing I had's pretty poor! I'm like many realtors that dash in, snap photos any time of day, or light available. In some cases, that's okay if the merits of the property sale supercede the structure (teardowns!). In most cases, you want your realtor to hire a professional photographer who has the expertise and equipment to make your property STAND OUT on the Northwest Multiple! Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14, 2006

April 14


Two new listings today - click here

Have you tried yet? It's interesting & fun, no doubt! But it still takes WORK & TIME to come up with a "right" price for a home. There's no easy way to price a home by a few clicks. I think we all know that! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13 listings, Broker Opens, & getting bids

Here are today's new listings. I LOVE the Yarrow Pt listing even tho it's on 92nd, I think this is a great price! It's on today's broker open.

Click here for Broker Opens today...sorry the Multiple doesn't post Open times, you can figure 11:30 to 1:30 for 95 percent of these Opens.

GETTING BIDS TO FIX UP YOUR PLACE? As much as a hassle it is, GET more than one bid for any repairs around your house. I recently got 3 bids for replacing windows. The very last glass company was the only one that saw this home had film on the windows that was defective in places, PLUS a skylight frame was leaking! The Inspector didn't catch these, nor the other two glass companies! I'm not trying to rag on anyone here. I'm just trying to tell you to get 3'll most likely get all the information you need to make the RIGHT CHOICES. It's not always about just getting the lowest bid, but the RIGHT bid!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12_Sellers Getting Cold Feet on Spec Homes!

Today's new listing - click here - shows things are heating up in West Bellevue.

Today's highlight is 1617 100th Ave NE, with a 7500 SF lot - you can see it at link above. There's nothing special about it, really. It sold in March 2004 for $363,000. Today's list price is $799,900...gasp!!!

It appears the Seller had plans drawn for a 4778 SF house, my guess as a spec home. Why did he/she bail on this? I think they see that the new home down the street listed by Trudy Sayler/Windermere is NOT SELLING (it's listed for $2,380,000 - 1308 100th Ave NE)...and this Seller now has a case of COLD FEET...and second-guessing a new home on this tiny 7500 SF lot won't sell either.

It's easy to be an arm-chair quarterback here...but don't cha think the numbers never really penciled right for this "project?" So get out of it, and just sell the darn thing!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday, April 11 listings & How 60s homes can bring $$$!

New listings - click here

Also included in the link is a SOLD Clyde Hill property that I'm really impressed with - adddress 8426 NE 22nd Place - SOLD price $1,400,000

This 1964 home has a GREAT lot, almost 20,000 sf. Even with no views, and at the bottom of Clyde Hill, it has been nicely updated, and not a "do-it-yourself' fix up. It makes a difference! A 1964 home that sells immediately has some good things going for it. All you 60s homeowners take note! This is certainly replicable & in great demand by Buyers!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Don't call them GREEDY!

Well, maybe a little greed is in all of us! Shown in this link is a wonderful cutie in Vuecrest that is a perfect example of "pricing your property too high and it won't sell" I'm not picking on this Seller, cuz we've all done it.

Since Vuecrest is a HOT, desirable community, this Seller at 920 Belfair Rd, put his home on the market Feb 22 for $970,000...two bed/one bath! Now after two reductions in price it is still languishing at $910,000. It should have been priced in the low 800s...and even at THAT, is a HUGE profit since he bought it in 1995 for $239,000!!

The 2nd home in the link -- 10022 NE 29th -- was purchased by two realtors in April 2005 for $399,800. It appears there has been no rehabbing! They've just listed the home for sale for $689,950!

Are these Sellers greedy? Would you have done the same if it were your property?

PS: I'm off to Mom's Weekend at WSU, I'll be back on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lots of news today, April 6

Things are popping finally with more West Bellevue here

Of note...from above link, check out 2401 100th Ave NE. This Colonial sold in May 2005 for $1,077,000. It was a mess! LP siding, mushrooms were growing out of the exterior siding! Cigarette smoke damage inside, filthy interior. These folks did a good job rehabbing, with a new list price of $1,695,000. Now that's a nice little profit!

Today's Broker Opens are here.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Real estate & counseling

I'd recommend if you are considering buying or selling in today's market, that BEFORE you do ANYTHING....get counseling!

I recently had the pleasure of working with a couple that impressed the socks off me how they thoughtfully talked about the best way to make an offer on a 'hot' property (i.e. multiple offers)...WOW. A buyer that takes a business-like approach, I sure enjoyed working with this couple!

Get counseling, folks. That means talk to your realtor, or your partner, or even just a good it out before you do anything! It can cost you otherwise.

NO new listings in West Bellevue today. :(

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April 2 new listings & take a look inside Lincoln Tower!

Happy April!

Only 1 new listing in the Towne Square condos on Bellevue Way. Somehow I can never get excited about this complex, for a lot of reasons. Now they are approaching $300,000!

Want to see an interior of a Lincoln Tower condo above the Westin Hotel? Click link below, one came on the market to views, pretty high up for my tastes!!

Click Here

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday April 1, Are Buyers Fools today?

There are no new listings today.

Today's commentary is about Buyers in West Bellevue - Case Study - click here

Today being April Fool's Day...I just want to warn Buyers in West Bellevue to BEWARE!

The link above is a 1967 Condo that's West of Bellevue Square, in an area called "Lochleven". It is a high crime area, but still very desirable. This condo is 1275 SF, 2 Bed, 1.75 bath, nice vaulted ceilings...BUT OLD!

I talked to the agent who was swamped with Buyers when it hit the market. Personally, I don't think the winning Buyer on this property made a SMART choice! Why? They will end up paying more than it's worth...but hey, good for the Sellers! Take the money and RUN. Sure, it'll appreciate, but BUYERS...attention! Don't overpay for the property, unless you will die if you don't purchase it. Don't be the FOOL!

I am 100 percent positive an investor bought this cutie condo, &I bet they end up paying close to $500,000. I'll let you know when it closes.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thurs March 30, Spring is Popping up New Listings!

Finally some new listings to talk about! Click here.


GREAT new listing at 9632 NE 34th Street, if it doesn't have too much freeway noise, this should SELL fast. A great investment, with over 20,000 SF lot. I'd buy this one!

Whose fooling who? I just can't understand the "new listing" at 1034 Evergreen Point Road today. Why do Sellers list their home (in this case Oct 2003), and continually waste everyone's time (in this case, 3 realtors) and their HOME NEVER SELLS. LIST-EXPIRE-LIST, etc. for over 2-1/2 years? Wouldn't you hate to have a For Sale sign out for that long? Nobody wants to buy these houses...I guess they can't figure that out. :(

For today's West Bellevue Broker Opens - click here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 29 new listings & more on Lincoln Square

How about a $6.9 million showplace on Evergreen'll drool over the photos! Plus two condos round out today's new listings - click here

More skyscraper Lincoln Square condo blasts!

- A 2bed/2bath 20th floor condo closed March 10, 2006, for $339,000 and is now listed for $889,000. The original date of the offer was July 2004, but it just closed this month. NICE PROFITS!
- You can rent in Lincoln Square...a 757 SF condo on 20th floor shows leased for $1,600.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, New Listings

Today's new listings - click here

The half-acre property today in Bellewood Farms should sell quickly for $675,000, even with its sloping. The Lochwood-Lozier home next door is listed for $2,340,000 & has views of Mt. Rainier.

Good strategy by this Bellewood Farms Seller to put this home on the market just as the multi-million dollar home is being finished & looking impressive!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lincoln Square Condos Flipping like Pancakes!

Lincoln Square, the sleek West Bellevue hi-rise across from Bellevue Square is flipping its condos like Hotcakes!

Example - Lincoln Square's Unit 2301 sold October 2004 for $845,000 BUT DIDN'T CLOSE UNTIL March 15, 2006! Vacant, never lived in.

On March 15, 2006, yes, the same day it Closed, the unit was put back on the market with list price of $1,499,950. Flippin' condos for God's sake!

It would be interesting to see if anyone actually plans to live in Lincoln Square...or if like a few other condos downtown Bellevue, they are 'empty' or rentals...ugh.

Sounds like a rather dysfunctional lifestyle, don't you think?

Monday, March 27 - Luxury Doesn't Sell!

There are no new listings today in West Bellevue.

Is your luxury West Bellevue home not selling? You are not alone. You need to stay flexible, and lower your expectations to sell in this market for the luxury home.

Number One challenge for the luxury home seller, is to price it right. Otherwise you will sit on the market for many months, and buyers don't like that!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Do You Buy First, or Sell First?

You'll enjoy reading this blurb from the "Mortgage Professor" on whether you should Buy First, or Sell your present home First - click here

Make sure and negotiate the commission if you enlist a realtor to help you with both sides - the Purchase, and then Sale. Most of us are happy to do so, as we appreciate your business.

If Buyers & Sellers are upfront & honest with us, agents will be honest with you. If you've never sold or bought a home, say so. Don't be overly aggressive with an agent, especially if you aren't sure what you are doing. You'd be amazed how most of us will just bend-over-backwards to help a "favorite" client. We will!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday, March 24 new listings & Handling Multiple Offers

New listings, click here

If you are thinking of selling & you anticipate there will be a lot of need to be educated about how to handle multiple offers! There is real strategy to placing "hot" properties on the market so you get the biggest bucks.

- Be clear when you will look at offers - Monday at 6 pm, and not before. That gives everyone a chance to do the research they need, or even scheduld an inspection before writing up an offer.

- Be clear exactly what you want, few contingencies, no repairs, close by X-date, closing costs paid, whatever. So discuss this.

- When offers come in, use an agent that knows how to handle multiple and simultaneous offers/counteroffers. Don't leave money on the table!

The BEST thing you can do when you have a "hot" property is to PREPARE & STRATEGIZE ahead of time!

Have a great weekend, and GO HUSKIES!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thurs, March 23 listings & Bellevue Downtown Park Alert

Three homes & two condos hit today's market - click here

Yesterday's Bellevue Police bulletin mentions an attempted rape at approx 100th and 3rd, which is the West border of Bellevue Downtown Park. Someone was pulled into a van. Be safe out there!

Medina Park & badly behaved dog owners!


A little 'off' topic, I have a rant about dog owners in Medina Park. I go there regularly with Callie the Yorkie, but leave early many times. Last week, a medium short haired dog unleased, ran to my car the minute I opened my door. I got out to put my purse in the trunk, this wet, muddy dog jumped in my car, went from back-to-front, and growled mean when I told him to get out. Did the owner notice? No.

I yelled, she came over & didn't discipline the dog, he growled at her too. Did she say sorry? Not really!

Unleased aggressive dogs & big dogs can be trouble. Owners need to watch them. Just as I watch out for my little dog, they need to watch out too. Size & aggression should not dominate the Park! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wed, March 22 new listing

Yes, just one new "listing', a condo on Bellevue Way - click here

Where are all the sellers? Has everyone got the 'good' interest rate, & just wants to stay put?

Coming up next...BUYERS, how to win in Mulitple Offer situations!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday, March 21 "NO" new listings & Pacific Regent

Hello, there are listings "back on the market", listing goine Pending or Sold, there are no new listings in West Bellevue except for a few condos in the Pacific Regent condo on 106th across street from Taco Time.

Word on the street is this building can't get insurance...I don't know why but looking at the homeowner dues, they range from $500 - over $800 a month. Rumor has it they have to 'self insure', I'll try to find out. But in the past two days, approx 4 of them have come on the market.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Probably the BEST lot available in West Bellevue today for custom home...9500 NE 18th Street, Clyde Hill. Worthington Custom Homes purchased off-market in 2004 for $879,000. Structure just torn down. Go look! Westerly and downtown Bellevue views.

It's a stunning property! Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday, St. Paddy's Day - New listings

New listings today - click here

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday, March 16 new listings, Broker Opens

Another Vuecrest listing, on Sunset open today from 11-1:30 pm - see today's new listings, click here

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday, March 15 new listings..."European Towers

Three new listings in West Bell today - click here

ANOTHER downtown teardown?! Yes, across from Bellevue Library on West side...up goes the European Towers, with only ONE condo on each of the 18 floors. Even tho it's kinda stupid marketing "Go to Europe in Downtown Bellevue', it IS cool that every unit will have 360-degree views, and no next-door neighbors!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, new listings & Palazzo News

Just one new listing today in West Bellevue - click here

It appears The Palazzo Condominium "investors" are selling them off - two Pending today and one Sold - to view, click here

1. 620,000 - Palazzo condo never sold. Pending. 1415 SF

2. 885,000 - Pending. Sold previously for 518,450 in May 1999. 1715 SF

3. 315,000 - Sold. Sold previously for 225,500 in May 2003. 761 SF

...Brisk sales as a fall-out of Washington Square's recent sale frenzy!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday/lMonday new listings & Apple Valley

Sunday & Monday, March 12/13, there were NO new listings in West Bellevue :(

The Apple Valley home that just came on the market for $650,000 went PENDING yesterday. That means the buyer likely made a full price offer with no contingencies, and probably had a escalator clause. WOW! Click here to view this remodel.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday, March 11 new listings & Outrageous Listing of the Month!

Two homes (1 is back-on-market), and 2 condos. Click here

3102 NE 92nd Street, Clyde Hill is my vote for "Outrageous Listing of the Month!" Make your own deductions about the motives of this West Bellevue seller!

Why? Note, it's fully remodeled and....

SELLS July 26, 2005 for $599,990

Homeowner LISTS it Aug 5, 2005 for $724,950 - remember it's already remodeled!

Homeowner RAISES price Nov 16, 2005 to 739,000

Homeowner CANCELS listing Jan 24,2006 after lowering price to 659,000 w/no sale

Homeowner RE-LISTS March 10, 2006 YESTERDAY for $740,000...and says it has "VIEWS OF SEATTLE!" What! Standing on the roof? This is at the bottom of 92nd Street!

I'm sorry, this is the Outrageous Listing of the Month!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday, March 10 new listings

Only two new listings today - click here

Have a great weekend! Check out my links to the right before you leave :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Real Estate Rip-Offs" on Good Morning America

This is a good video clip about rip-off closing costs, and Junk Fees. A bit dramatic, but makes excellent points! - View it

Thursday, March 9 Broker Open Shows Creme de la Creme!

There is only 1 new listing today, back-on-market in Medina - click here

Today's Broker Open showcases some of West Bellevue 'creme de la creme' homes! Not all allow the public, but are most do. Click here & go touring!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Vuecrest "Private" sales! SIZZLING!

There were 24 Vuecrest sales from January 2005 to January 2006 – and exactly 12 were private sales & NOT LISTED! Can you get more money by listing? It depends.

Here are the private sale addresses & sales price:

9675 Evergreen - $708,000 closed April 2005

807 Park Rd - $907,000 closed August 2005

9842 NE 12th - $850,000 closed June 2005 – Lozier (builder)

9368 Vineyard Crest - $1,100,000 closed April 2005 – Lozier (builder)

9524 Vineyard Crest - $785,000 closed July 2005

9641 Hilltop - $761,375 closed November 2005

9428 Vineyard Crest - $1,140,000 closed June 2005

9900 Vineyard Crest - $950,000 closed March 2005 (now listed $3.2million)

924 Sunset Way - $654,750 closed April 2005 (investor)

9856 NE 12th St - $1,295,000 closed October 2005

9821 Belfair - $1,375,000 closed May 2005

1024 Belfair - $800,000 closed August 2005

Wednesday, March 8 & CONDO Madness!

New listings, click here

CONDO Madness! If you are in the market for an affordable condo, so are a lot of other people! I strongly suggest you include with your offer an "escalation clause". That means if a seller gets more than one offer, that you will "up" your offer in increments of, oh, $1,000 or more. Not to exceed a certain limit.

Now THAT's how you'll get that condo-of-your-dreams and not be disappointed! Affordable West Bellevue condos are hot-hot-hot!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday, March 7 new listings

Just a few new listings today - click here

Tuesday, March 6 new listings

Just a few new listings today - click here

Monday, March 06, 2006

New listings for Monday, March 6

There are NO new listings in West Bellevue today. Good time for sellers, little competition.

New teardown action at 9500 NE 18th Street, Clyde Hill. If you want a custom-built home, this 20,000 SF lot is available by Worthington Custom Homes. It's a FANTASTIC location, with views!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday, March 5 new listings

Only two new listings today - click here

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday, March 4 new listings

Only two new listings for today - click here

Friday, March 03, 2006

Even with awful location, it's Pending @ 799,000!

This home just went Pending, on 17th which is an AWFUL 'cut-thru street to Bell Way & STEEP. It's on south side of Presby church. PENDING at 799,000, wow.

This is a horrible West Bell location. The only okay-thing is lot size of 11,680. I'll let you know the final closing price...

It appears teardown lots of medium size in West Bell are approaching mid-700s. And a crummy location too!

If you know anyone that's thinking of selling, tell them how few new listings there are!

March 3 new listings

Only two new listings for West Bellevue today! Click here

Thursday, March 02, 2006

March 2 new listings, today's Broker Opens

New listings for March 2, click here

For today's Broker Opens, click here

Only a couple new listings today in West Bellevue.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1 Listing Update for last 24 hours

New listings, STI, Pendings, SOLD, Expired, Contingent for West Bellevue, click here

Feb 2006 West Bellevue SOLDs & Highlights

Closed sales in February 2006 - count 26. WOW, nine homes sold for more than list price!

To view the list, click here (Excel doesn't post well in blogs!)

Average selling price per SF $343.24

FEBRUARY HIGHLIGHTS - it's all about 50s ramblers for the month of February!

1803 101st Ave NE - Can you imagine an updated 1953 RAMBLER on good sized lot North of Presby church with NO views selling for $811,000?! THAT'S ALMOST $400 A SF! (List price was $739,000.) This property may have covenants that 2nd story cannot be built, as I've seen other properties on this zame street. See photos

NEW TREND? Spending money for a super remodel on a 50's rambler in West Bellevue pays off. KC Tax records show seller bought this home 3 yrs ago for 338,000.

2014 98th Ave NE - across from Chinook Middle school, this is a teardown that sold when it hit the market for $775,000 for the 12,618 SF lot. NOT Clyde Hill. It now has a For Rent sign out, and not in super shape. Possible partial downtown view, but a stretch. This is top-end price for a teardown!

Highest priced property sale for Feb was $1.575 mill.
There are 76 'active' listings in West Bellevue over $1.6 mill
There are 38 'active' listings under $1.599 mill

Very expensive homes did not sell in February.

Questions? If you'd like more specific info, let me know! - Susan

Monday, February 27, 2006

Downtown Bellevue hi-rise condo sales

There seems to be early success for the Washington Square condos in downtown Bellevue. Most of the first tower (180) has been reserved. News reports say they start at 400,000 to 1 mill (but they don't mention SF!)

I drove by the new Washington Square sales office on 10th & 108th and saw a handful of people waiting for it to open. I wonder if they are mostly investors?

Bellevue is starting to have its own identity, its about time! Altho I do see & hear of many condominium buyers moving to downtown Seattle, it seems especially retirees.

On that subject...
Mirabella ( is a retirement community that more than a few people have mentioned to me. It's slated to be open in 2008, and they've had good interest. It is going up in South Lake Union, which I'll be talking more about soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Average West Bell. sales price per SF

The average of West Bellevue sales price per square foot for the month of January was $357.25.

Want to know what your square footage is? You can look at your King County tax record (not 100 percent guaranteed) to get an idea. Of course location, condition and views will affect the sales price, but this will give you some benchmark!

King County Parcel Viewer

Need help? Just reply here! - Happy Valentine's Day! - Susan

Monday, February 13, 2006

Northside Apts-Bellevue Way *May" be going Condo-get one!

Alan Black, the famous builder "Black & Caldwell" that built many homes in West Bellevue has sold his Northside Apts on Bellevue Way & it appears it's going to go condo. So if you want "first dibs" on one of them, get down there and rent one! ("First right of refusal"). They don't take dogs, just cats & whooa-nelly did they ever raise the rents! A 3-bedroom was going for about $1500 six months ago, now its two grand! I'm not 100 percent it's going condo, however I represented a buyer to purchase it for conversion, and IT MAKES SENSE! STAY TUNED!

The best part about the Northside besides the location, the apts are larger than most, and the grounds well laid out. Some ground floor units have nice courtyards too.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Medina For-Sale-By-Owner

2807 88th Avenue NE. Teardown lot of 10,262 SF. For phone number, drive by for a flyer. Seems like it's Clyde Hill, but this one has a Medina address. Wants $640,000 at last check.

I think CNN is wrong on our housing market!

Recent CNN Money report shows Seattle-Bellevue-Everett housing prices rose 16.3% from 3rd quarter 2004 to 3rd quarter 2005. And for 2006, a much more modest increase of 1.9% is their prediction. Read article

I think CNN is fact I'm so sure of it, I've put this link in my tickler file for December 2006 to report back to you! I believe that housing prices in 2006 for just West Bellevue will be around 10%. That ain't as good as past years, but it's darn good appreciation!

Hear comes the wrecking ball! Posted by Picasa

Do you have a teardown in West Bellevue?

If so, there are thing you need to know, and I don't mean call your cousin, the realtor to list it!

I've written an article that drills down into one very viable option for teardown sellers...selling directly to a builder! You can get this free report just by clicking on this link

It's a pretty straightforward, no-punches-pulled report...and I've never seen any of this information on the Internet, magazines, etc. and I read a lot.

Questions? Just reply here!